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limited edition wall art prints on stretched canvas in Giclée format - original abstract, floral and landscape fine art paintings

exclusive wall art prints of the highest quality individually hand-signed by the artist


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Art is a means of expression for the Artist.  For me, this is also the case, as my art is a means to express my inner emotions - my loneliness experienced in childhood and extending through my adult life when I lost my husband to leukaemia.

I chose love over my career and life in California.  I abandoned my life and career to move continents to join my English husband.  Unfortunately, my beloved English husband was diagnosed with this terminal illness.  Hoping that the inevitable would not happen, I searched for peace and tranquillity through my art.

Floral paintings were completed as a means of finding peace and tranquillity during my time of fear and uncertainty.  Using watercolour on paper, these paintings reflect the essence of the respective flowers both in colour and beauty for me in a sense of classy sophistication... 

During this time, I also painted Landscapes.  They are done in acrylic on canvas.  They recall emotions dating back to my childhood in southern Germany.

After having met death, I channelled my loneliness into a different style of paintings using acrylic on canvas.  The paintings combine various geometric shapes with intense colours resulting in multiple perspectives from the same work of art.  These paintings reflect an inspiration and energy not lost through death.  I find them refreshing and well within the innovative edge of interior design.

The paintings are limited edition prints on stretched canvas in Giclée format.  Mounted or unmounted, affordable prints on paper are available for both Florals and Landscapes.  Volume discounts are available for those interested in bulk purchases.  Please e-mail me regarding volume discounts.

I am also experienced with murals and portrait paintings.

Contemporary wall art prints by Dorothea Schilling for sale.  Limited edition prints on stretched canvas of highest quality in Giclée format hand-signed by artist.  Prints available in various sizes.  Abstract, floral and landscape fine art prints for sale.

Buy Abstract, Floral and Landscape original canvas wall art online - original fine art paintings for sale.

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